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P.M Kamla Persad-Bissessar Ramadan Message: month has so much beauty and blessings…

PM Ramadan 2013Muslims of Trinidad and Tobago connect themselves with the Muslims from all over the world by observing the Holy Month of Ramadan, with fasting and extra worship.

This month has so much of beauty and blessings that Muslims should cherish the fact that they are alive to observe it. Ramadan is that institution that  unites  the hearts of believers all over the world, as fasting in this month is obligatory on every believer in Allah and the Last Day.

Remember, the most effective and beneficial experience you can get as you observe the etiquette of fasting, is the feeling of peace and tranquillity. This feeling should be climaxed with the visit of the angels on the Night of Power, which is normally believed to be the 27th night of this Holy Month.

We all do have our trials and difficulties. We had them in the past; and will continue to experience them, maybe in a different form, in the future; because the Merciful Lord tells us that He will constantly try us. So be prepared to do your part by showing patience and restraint, in order that your fast is acceptable in the sight of your Lord.

It is an accepted fact that to keep the fast is not entirely easy; it has its challenges. Allah wants to test our faith, and promises to wipe out our past mistakes and faults if the fast is kept solely for His Sake. Everyone who keeps the fast should always keep in mind that fasting is designed to help a person appreciate the feelings of others, and by doing so, one will be inclined to love for others what he would like for himself.

This is the month when every single human being can display sincerity, love and kindness to one another. It is a great opportunity for every one of us to try and improve our relationship with the Lord on one hand; and also with our  fellow human beings on the other; as, in this month we are supposed to restrain ourselves from back-biting, hate, malice, dishonesty, taking revenge, etc; if we are to get the maximum blessing from it.

Let us all make an honest effort to benefit from this important principle of Islam, by keeping the fast solely for the sake of the Lord, and by  realisation of the fact that we will, one day, have to leave all material things behind us and move on to the next phase of our lives, which will precede judgment.

May the Merciful Lord bless all those who keep the fast for His sake; and may He protect us all from the evil temptations of the wicked and deceitful “mischief maker”.

July 9th, 2013