NCC Chairman, Winston Peters.

The National Carnival Commission has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Pan Trinbago to take over the disbursement of funds for the organisation’s activities.

NCC Chairman Winston Peters says that the decision was prompted by the need for proper accountability.

Speaking this morning on the Power Breakfast show on Power 102.1 FM, Mr. Peters dismissed comments that the NCC had taken over Pan Trinbago’s operations.

He said the Government is simply seeking accountability for the money it gives to Pan Trinbago.

Elaborating on his comments Mr. Peters said the collaboration between NCC and Pan Trinbago is nothing new.

Pan Trinbago President Keith Diaz who was also a guest on the show, reiterated that the agreement signed by the NCC and Pan Trinbago is not a takeover as some allege it to be,  but rather a memorandum of Understanding.