The Ministry of Education (MOE) is appealing to the parents of students from the Princes Town Presbyterian Primary School #1 to continue to send their children to school at the Princes Town Presbyterian Primary School #2.

A release sent by the Education Ministry noted that the students, who have been attending classes on a shift system since 2015, did not attend classes for the first week of the new school term, which started on Monday 16th April, 2018 because of protest action by parents who are calling for a new school to be built.

Education Minister Anthony Garcia disclosed that the Ministry is aware of the challenges posed by the shift system, however, all efforts are being made to ensure the physical infrastructure is provided to ensure that adequate and teaching and learning occurs.

The old Princes Town Presbyterian Primary School #1 was condemned by the Ministry of Works in 2015 and the Ministry of Education and the Presbyterian Board agreed to a rotation system that enabled the pupils to attend classes temporarily at the Princes Town Presbyterian Primary School #2.

MOE is aware of the concerns expressed by parents on this matter and the Ministry continues to have dialogue with the relevant Ministry to access the required funding to restart its school construction programme.

TTUTA President Lyndsley Doosai is meanwhile articulating that the issue facing students, parents and teachers have been ongoing for too long and something has to be done to treat with the situation.

He told News Power Now that up to this past weekend teachers from the school complained about the uncomfortable situation.