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Partap found guilty in Breathalyser case…

Partap in CourtFormer Minister in the Ministry of National Security Ministry Collin Partap has been found guilty on charges of failing to submit himself to a Breathalyser test outside the Zen nightclub in Port of Spain last August.

Chief Magistrate Marcia Ayres-Caesar ordered that Partap pay a $5000 fine in one week or spend nine months in prison.

On July 9 Partap’s no cases submission was rejected by Chief Magistrate Ayer Ceasar.

he ruled that she was satisfied with the prima facie case made out by state attorneys George Busby and Simone Jaggernauth.

In  her ruling she said that police officers had cause to suspect that Partap had exceeded the limit, and she was satisfied that the State witnesses were credible, reliable and compelling.

She said the insistence by Partap that his attorney Israel Khan had to be present before he gave a breath sample, was not a reasonable excuse for causing the delay.

Magistrate Ayer Ceasar said his refusal was equal to failure, and Partap’s failure was without reasonable excuse.

She also mentioned an address in Parliament where the road carnage linked to driving under the influence was discussed.

She said that Partap, being a lawyer, MP and minister, had taken an oath to uphold the law.

Magistrate Ayer Ceasar said that on the night in question, Partap was called upon to display a higher standard than was displayed, according to the State’s evidence.