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Passengers stranded again as both T&T Express and T&T Spirit said to be docked

T&T Express

Passengers at the Port Authority are today frustrated, some having spent the entire night at the Port after arriving there early yesterday morning.

This as both the T&T Express and the T&T Spirit are said to be docked at the Port, stranding passengers who booked sailing time yesterday and today.

One passenger who spoke with News Power Now this morning told us that he had booked a ticket for a 6:30 am sail time yesterday.

However, shortly after boarding the vessel passengers were told that they had to disembark and take their vehicles off the vessel.

He said that passengers did so with the expectation that an announcement would be made shortly for them to board again, however that did not happen.


He said they were told to come back today at 7 am and that they would sail at 10 am, however he revealed that passengers are still waiting with no word on when they can expect to board a vessel to Tobago.

He said presently things are a mess at the Port Authority.

He claims that while he and others were able to leave last night and return today others were unable to do so.