Dr Valery Alexandrov

Dr Valery Alexandrov

A well-known pathologist who operated out of the Forensic Science Centre in St. James walked off the job yesterday siting improper operations at the Centre.

Speaking with the media outside the FSC yesterday, Dr Valery Alexandrov said he will not continue work until there was an improvement at the Forensic Science Centre.

Dr Alexandrov said for the year he has already performed 310 autopsies and 156 of them being homicides.
The long-standing pathologist said his work meets international standards and a pathologist who crosses 350 autopsies a year can be stripped of his ability to perform his job to the best of his ability, as the work has to be rushed.

He complained that he was understaffed based on international standards which required one mortuary assistant for every 100 cases and so far there had been 1,200 cases done at the FSC for the year.

To date there are five attendants with three of them being women