keychain-pepper-sprayCitizens are being warned to be extra vigilant as they take part in Carnival celebrations.

Word has come to our newsroom this morning, that pepper spray is being used by rogue elements at Carnival fetes in an attempt to steal valuables from fete goers.

We have learned from unnamed sources that perpetrators spray the nocuous substance in the eyes of unsuspecting victim.

This disables the victim for some 20-30 minutes.

The perpetrators then confiscate valuables leaving the victims in extreme pain and a state of confusion.

Pepper Spray or OC Spray is a chemical compound that irritates the eyes to cause tears, pain, and temporary blindness.

Its inflammatory effects cause the eyes to close, taking away vision.

Orange_Carnival_Masqueraders_in_TrinidadThose attending the Soca Monarch Finals later tonight and and other Carnival festivities, are cautioned to be extremely careful as there has been problems with this issue in previous popular fetes for the season.

Citizens are also asked to leave expensive Jewelry at home.