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Pay fired OAS workers now! that’s the demand from the owtu

The Oilfield Workers Trade Union

The Oilfield Workers Trade Union is once again clamoring for the Government and the National Infrastructure Development Company (NIDCO) to settle disputes with OAS Construtora immediately.

This so that local workers of the recently terminated construction company can be paid their severance benefits and outstanding salaries.

Speaking during a media conference held today by OWTU in Port-of-Spain, President General Ancel Roget stated that approximately one thousand workers are still uncertain as to when they will be paid their outstanding money after several years of working with OAS on the construction of the Point Fortin Highway.

Today the Union met with the acting president of NIDCO after it had for some time been requesting a meeting in the interest of the workers as they believe that it is now the responsibility of that company to settle these payment issues.

He added that the workers have commitments to meet in their personal life and must not be made to suffer due to the inadequacy of the law and what he calls the lack of drive of the Government to protect the interest of its human resource.

The OWTU President did not disclose the next course of action to be taken by the union.