Put a price on healthcare, this is what one former Minister of health is suggesting to improve the standard of health in this country.

Speaking on the Power Breakfast Show this morning Dr. Fuad Khan stated that there needs to be a revamping of the system as there have been many shortcomings in the sector over the years.


Former Health Minister Fuad Khan

He indicated that proper amenities and the employment of in public health facilities were the main priorities of the ministry of health during his tenure but the ways in regional authorities have been managing the system is to blame for improprieties.

He believes that appropriate remuneration for doctors will greatly boost the quality of service provided and substantial investments can enable this. However, this must not be the sole obligation of the government.


Dr Khan stated that while it is the responsibility of the government to provide primary health care afforded to citizens, persons must be held accountable for their personal health.


Dr. Fuad Khan was Minister of Health in the People’s Partnership Government.