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PCA launches investigation into wrecking incident caught on camera

PCA launches investigation into wrecking incident caught on camera

David west (1)

David West President, Police Complaints Authority

Following a viral video which showed a vehicle being wrecked by the Traffic police in Port of Spain, with its owner riding on the bonnet, the Police Complaints Authority says it has launched an investigation into the matter.

The Authority is also calling on the driver of the vehicle to come in to the PCA’s head office to document his side of the story.

In its statement, the PCA notes that it was alleged that a police officer was in fact present when the vehicle was removed by the wrecking service in the presence of its driver. It says on that basis, the Authority has initiated an independent investigation into the surrounding circumstances to determine whether or not the matter is one of serious police misconduct based on neglect of duty in breach of Police Service Regulations 150 (2) (d) (i)

The PCA further explains that a duty is placed on the relevant police officer to “make brief enquiries in the immediate vicinity in an

effort to locate the driver.

Image result for man getting wrecked in trinidadIt adds that in a situation where a vehicle has been hooked up, or is in the actual process of being hooked up to a wrecker, but the

vehicle has not been removed from where it was parked and the driver or person in control of the vehicle simultaneously appears and

claims the vehicle, the wrecker must release the vehicle to the driver or person claiming the vehicle, as per Trinidad and Tobago Police

Service Standing Order No.44 (15) (c) (i).