The Police Complaints Authority (PCA) says an investigation has been launched into the death of Venrick Hudlin, who was allegedly shot and killed by an off-duty police officer in Moruga on August 29th.

The PCA, in a statement issued on Sunday, said that it has initiated an investigation into the fatal shooting of Mr. Venrick Hudlin in Gomez Trace, Moruga on 29th August, 2020 pursuant to Section 26 of the Police Complaints Authority (“PCA”) Act Chap. 15:05. It assured the public that due process will be followed at all stages of the investigation.

The PCA said it would not express any view prior to any determination by a court of law, as same may be tantamount to
attempting to interfere with due process and the course of natural justice.

The Authority is asking all witnesses or anyone with information on the incident to contact them on 226-4722 or at [email protected] The PCA said all information provided will be treated as confidential.