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Penal man sues state for malicious prosecution.

Penal man sues state for malicious prosecution.

A Penal man is suing the state for malicious prosecution.

The man claims that he was wrongfully accused of kidnapping and beating the daughter of a policeman and made the decision to sue after he won his case.

Calvin Gunness, 31, through his attorney Cedric Neptune, has issued a pre-action protocol letter signaling his intention to sue the Attorney General.

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Reports quote him as saying that at the time of the incident he was in a relationship with the daughter of the police sergeant.

Reports further indicate that days before the incident, Gunness alleged the sergeant visited his parents and threatened to set him up if he did not stay away from his daughter.

His parents subsequently reported the threats to the police and the Police Complaints Authority.

Gunness claimed on September 22, 2005, he went to pick up the policeman’s daughter from classes in Chaguanas and was speaking to her in his car when a vehicle pulled up behind them.

He alleged a man and woman came out the car and physically assaulted him.

They then physically removed the officer’s daughter from his car.

Gunness reported the incident to the Penal Police Station and Chaguanas Police Station. Gunness claimed that on September 23, 2005, the police intercepted a car he was in at Penal, arrested him and charged him with kidnapping and assaulting the policeman’s daughter.

Neptune said while the matter was in the San Fernando Magistrates Court the policeman’s daughter refused to attend the hearing and provided written poof that she was neither kidnapped nor assaulted.

The matters against Gunness were eventually dismissed on December 29, 2014.

The State was given until November 16 to say whether it admits liability or face legal proceedings.