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Pensioner Shot While On the Compound of Petit Valley Health Centre.

Pensioner Shot While On the Compound of Petit Valley Health Centre.

A 69-year- old pensioner was today wounded when a stray bullet struck her while on the compound of the Petit Valley Health Centre. The incident, according to the North West Regional Health Authority, took place shortly before 1 o’clock this afternoon.

Oharra Christian had accompanied a relative to the clinic and was seated in a waiting area outside the facility, when the incident occurred. She was shot in the right leg and immediately treated by the Health Centre staff before being transferred to the Accident and Emergency Department at the St. James Medical Complex. The woman is said to be listed in stable condition.

The culprits are said to have escaped the scene of the incident. The health facility was subsequently closed as officers of the Four Roads police station, carried out investigations.

The North West Regional Health Authority says it views the incident as a very serious one and is taking swift and decisive action to address this matter by instituting roving armed patrols at the location with immediate effect. The number of security guards at the facility will also be increased from 3 to 5 until further notice.

The NWRHA says counseling services will be extended to employees, the victim and witnesses.