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Pet behaviourist speaks out on cruelty of animals, after viral video of Chinese man “skinning” a dog

NEWS GRAPHIC 15Chinese restaurants in Trinidad have come under question after a video went viral on social media. The video shows what appears to be a man “skinning” a dog.

While there is no confirmation on where the incident occurred there have been speculation that the video is local. This is because the man who filmed it is believed to be wearing a shirt with the insignia of a local security firm.

The disturbing video shows a dog strung up by a rope while a man removes its skin with a knife. The video also showed what appeared to be other Chinese men surrounding the man with the knife looking on.

There has been speculation that the video shot behind a restaurant in Diego martin although the area looks like a residential compound.


Pet Behaviourist, Kristel Ramnath


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    Josephine Noriega 3 years

    This is cruelty to animals. Skinning a dog or cat is NOT part of our culture and should never be. Someone should be held accountable for this horrific event but in T&T any thing seems to go.