Petrotrin oil spill

Oil Spill from State Oil Company Petrotrin in Gulf of Paria, Trinidad

There is word that more crude oil has spilled into the already polluted Gulf of Paria.

A Petrotrin discharge line from an oil to shore pump of Trinmar’s Platform 17 is said to have developed a leak.

It is not known at this time how much of the oil has spilled into the sea.

Reports indicate that the spill occurred sometime between Thursday night and Friday morning.

The oil was reportedly cleaned up by Petrotrin personnel before it came to shore.

Yesterday a media release issued by the Company reportedly acknowledged the leak.

Already two leaks have been plugged close to Trinmar’s S-20 platform by Petrotrin personnel which caused a shutdown of fishing operations along at least seven villages including Granville, Icacos and Fullerton.

More than 1,200 fishermen have been relying on Petrotrin for compensation.

Fishermen have been complaining that they have lost more than two weeks work due to the spills.

They have also complained that the fishing industry has all but shut down since the spill.