Petrotrin logo and TagPetrotrin’s emergency response remains in effect at Pointe-a-Pierre as the Company continues to mobilize all resources in its clean-up and recovery operations following the oil leak at the Refinery on Tuesday.

It says while most of the oil was contained within the Pointe-a-Pierre refinery, some escaped into the Guaracara River.

A statement issued on Wednesday explained that containment booms were laid at various points throughout the refinery and along the Guaracara River and vacuum trucks have been deployed to recover the escaped fluid.

Petrotrin said its emergency responders are at work in the Refinery and in the neighboring community.

At the peak of recovery operations on Wednesday, fourteen (14) vacuum trucks; seven (7) skimmers and pumps were deployed.

Employees representing the company’s Refining and Marketing and Exploration and Production Operations, Security, Fire, HSE, Medical and Corporate Communications Departments are at work in the affected areas.