Petrotrin is wasting no time in appealing the Industrial Court’s granting of an injunction which prevents it from terminating employees.

Chairman, Wilfred Espinet made his views clear on the ruling and the company is now moving with haste to follow up.

With Petrotrin having a self-imposed timeline of November 30th to wrap up operations, sources say the company’s appeal was filed on Tuesday.

The Industrial Court ruling in favour of the Oilfields Workers Trade Union, prohibited Petrotrin from making any voluntary separation offers to its employees.

The Union filed a Complaint on October 1st alleging the commission of an Industrial Relations Offence by the Company.

This Complaint alleges that the Company acted in violation of the Industrial Relations Act by “failing in good faith to treat and to enter into negotiation with the Union for the purpose of collective bargaining”.

The Union and Petrotrin had also earlier this year signed a Memorandum of Agreement over the way forward for the restructuring of the company which is said to have included a clause for consultation with the union on restructuring plans.

The Union claims that this was not done and subsequently filed an application for an order of injunction which sought to restrain the Company, its agents and servants from terminating employees until the complaint about the Petrotrin’s Industrial relations breach was settled in the Courts.

Responding to the ruling, Finance Minister, Colm Imbert, says it will have serious implications for the country.

Speaking at a news briefing on Monday, Minister Imbert said he has received a letter from the company asking for more financial help from the state.