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Petrotrin Meets Five Member Committee Following Oil Spill

Petrotrin logo and TagWhat has been described as a cordial meeting on Thursday, provided the forum for airing the issues of Marabella residents to officials of State owned Petrotrin. The meeting reportedly lasted for two hours.

The meeting resulted in the establishment of an agreement that both the community and Petrotrin will work together as the company continues clean up and recovery efforts following the recent slop oil leak at the Pointe-a-Pierre Refinery.

A five member group representing the residents of Marabella discussed health and safety concerns, evacuation procedures, compensation and employment among other issues.

Via media release issued on Thursday afternoon, Petrotrin said its team provided a status update on clean up and recovery efforts and both groups agreed that significant progress has been made.

The Independent audit is continuing into the cause of the oil leak and to date ten employees have been suspended to facilitate ongoing investigations.