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Petrotrin Now Focused on Operating as A Business.

Petrotrin Now Focused on Operating as A Business.

Petrotrin Chairman, Wilfred Espinet says the state owned Energy Company is focusing on operating as a business.

Speaking at a public forum in Port of Spain today, organised by the Lloyd Best Institute of the West Indies, Mr Espinet said while input from the various stakeholders will be engaged the management and board are concentrating on ensuring the entity become viable.

Mr Espinet said there was an agreement between the board and the workers representatives to bring the company to a state where it would be a competitive benchmarked.

He said the company went out and got the bench markers that are world renowned to determine what those bench markings will be adding that it takes a period of time and that information is required before it engage the Oilfield Workers Trade Union.

However, in response to Mr Espinet’s comments OWTU President General, Ancil Roget, said the union is aware of the company business approach but insisted that there is need for a greater level of urgency.

These exchanges came in the second half of the forum, after both men had squared off against each other, in their divergent statements on the state of the company’s operations.

Where Espinet again outlined the financial state of affairs at the company

Roget disputed it, saying this was part of an attempt to turn the company into private hands


Also during the session in which participants were invited to speak, one OWTU member accused the Chairman of attempting to operate on a “do as I say,” policy.