transportTwo men have been arrested in the case of a woman who was abducted, robbed and raped in a brutal which resulted in the woman having to seek treatment at hospital for multiple injuries.

The suspects, both aged 24 were arrested in Woodland, La Romaine.

Police are searching for a third man involved in the assault of the woman who was on her way home from work when she got into a vehicle.

This incident has sparked outrage by many who feel that taking a PH taxi car is not the safest way to commute.

News Power Now spoke to a PH driver, Gary Peters who said that crime can happen with either H or PH drivers.

Peters said H drivers are not visible on the road at late hours of the night nor do they work all areas.

PHPeters who has worked as a driver for the past 20 years, said women need to be observant and cautious when traveling.

PH driver, Gary Peters