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Pharmacy Owner, Accomplice in Sex Crimes, BUSTED.

Pharmacy Owner, Accomplice in Sex Crimes, BUSTED.

A 66- year- old pharmacy owner, who operates a pharmacy in Port -of- Spain allegedly placed advertisements in newspapers to lure women into a trap for sex crimes to be committed against them.

He has been arrested along with his 28 -year- old accomplice.

It is alleged that one victim who responded to the ad, while being interviewed for the job was forced to perform several sexual acts on the businessman while the 28- year- old pointed a gun to her head.

News Power Now spoke with Sexual Assault advocate at the organization for abused and battered individuals, Marcus Kissoon to dig into the mind of a sexual predator and the ways in which persons are sought to fulfil their deep, dark sexual needs.

Kissoon said such behaviour is a combination of both learnt and adopted patterns, particularly during abused experiences.

When asked what signs people can look out for with sexual predators, Kissoon said men ought to be taught not to think that they have free reign over women’s bodies and their space.

He also said family values play an important role with the way people relate to societal issues.