Evacuation plans are being prepared for Piparo residents in the event that there is an eruption of the mud volcano.

Reports indicate that authorities have developed an emergency evacuation route directing residents which way to run if the volcano blows.

At a multi ministerial meeting held on Thursday, residents living to the west of the volcano were advised to proceed along Piparo Road through Guaracara Junction and gather at Riversdale Presbyterian Primary School in the event of an eruption.

Those living to the east of the volcano were advised to proceed along Piparo Road to the Piparo Community Center.

Maps were distributed to residents making it easy for a quick exit.

Chairman of Princes Town Regional Corporation Gowrie Roopnarine said they were on ticking time bomb and they desperately needed 20 tonnes of hot mix asphalt to fix Hoseinee Trace and other roads leading to the disaster zone. A bridge had collapsed at Hoseinee Trace making the area impassable and the Corporation is in the process of fixing it.

Acting Chief Fire Officer (South) Clunis Wallen called on residents to develop an alarm system that will alert all residents when the emergency occurs.