Minister of Planning and Development, Camille Robinson-Regis, says it is irresponsible and preposterous for anyone to insinuate the unfortunate fire that occurred on Monday evening as reported in the T&T Newsday newspaper is in any way associated with the Government’s plans for the San Fernando Waterfront Re-development.

Minister Robinson-Regis expresses sympathy for the losses experienced by the community and reiterates the authorities are looking into the matter.

In a media release the Minister reemphasized that the claims being made that this is an attempt for the Government to move settlers for the development is unfounded.

The Minister has indicated that the Ministry of Planning and Development has oversight for the project which involves the San Fernando City Corporation, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development through UDECOTT, the Ministry of Works and Transport through PTSC, the Land Settlement Agency, the Water and Sewerage Authority and the National Trust.

She said the project was conceptualized since 2007 and during this time the Planning Ministry has engaged in public consultations on the matter of which the fisher folk have played a welcome part in the process.