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PM Called On To Clear Up Corruption Accusation, Leveled Against The Nation.

PM Called On To Clear Up Corruption Accusation, Leveled Against The Nation.

Former Transport Minister, Devant Maharaj is today calling on the Prime Minister to say exactly where the corruption he recently referred to, during a radio interview, lies in T&T’s society.

Devant Maharaj issued a press statement on the matter, accusing Dr. Keith Rowley of tarnishing the reputation of every citizen of this country.


The Prime Minister of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Dr. Keith Christopher Rowley, on a radio station most recently lamented that the nation is corrupt from the top to the bottom. This is a sad indictment on our nation by the very leader of our nation. However, Dr. Rowley stopped short not pointing out where the corruption lies in our society or are we to believe it is everywhere and we are all corrupt?

Having been at the position of leadership for essentially the last two years is Dr. Rowley saying that those political appointees that were made by the PNM (Ministers and State Boards) are corrupt?  Or is Dr. Rowley implying that there are Public Officers who are corrupt ? Or is it that there are businessmen who are corrupt? Or is it a deadly combination of all three? Without being specific Dr. Rowley has tarnished all of us.

Most recently Dr. Rowley in Tobago stated categorically that there was “crookedness’ involved in the procurement process of the ferry Ocean Flower 2. Now Dr. Rowley has asserted that the corruption abounds at all levels in our governance process. What information exactly does Dr. Rowley have to arrive at these worrisome conclusions? Why hasn’t Dr. Rowley taken the allegations of corruption to the Police, Fraud Squad or other relevant authorities instead of bemoaning to the population as if he is politically impotent to deal with the challenges of governance that he is confronted with?

It is time that the Honourable Prime Minister start confronting the incompetence of the Administration and its failures its inability to treat with a declining economy and inept Ministers and State Boards.