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PM Press Secretary denies accompanying Jack Warner to surrender Green Card…

Francis JosephPress Secretary to the Prime Minister, Francis Joseph has denied accompanying Jack Warner to the US Embassy to surrender his Green Card.

Mr Joseph issued a media statement on Thursday, saying that having heard on radio and television and read in yesterday’s newspapers statements to the effect from Mr Warner, he wanted to make it categorically clear that he never went with Mr Warner to the US Embassy to give up his Green card.

Joseph, the former Communications Advisor to Mr Warner, said he was totally surprised that his former boss would insinuate now that he is the Prime Minister’s Press Secretary, that he furnished her with that information.Jack Warner Power 102 logo

Joseph told NewsPower Now that this is totally untrue and unfounded.

Joseph said he worked with Mr Warner for three years and during that time, he remained loyal and confidential despite the barrage of attacks on him.

He said it was in this same way that he remained loyal and confidential at the Office of the Prime Minister.

Joseph said that whenever Mr Warner had to leave the country, he was at the Piarco Airport to see him off, and was back at the airport for his return.

He noted that he was present when Mr Warner left on November 25, 2012 and when he returned on November 27, 2012.
Joseph added that he read where Mr Warner admitted going to the US Embassy on December 28, 2012 to give up his Green Card, and based on checks made, Mr Warner was taken there by his security detail.

Saying that Mr. Warner never informed him that he had surrendered his Green Card, Mr Joseph said he only learnt about this when the Prime Minister spoke at a political meeting earlier this week.