The Prime Minister yesterday admitted that the acquisition of the two vessels – the Cabo Star and the Ocean Flower II, may be enveloped in some sort of crooked activity. His admission came during a question and answer segment with the media, following yesterday’s meeting at the Magdalena Grand Hotel in Tobago.

The meeting was attended by stakeholders and Transport Minister, Rohan Sinanan. Dr. Rowley said acquisition documents have been passed on to Attorney General Farris Al Rawi.

The Prime Minister said he believes the investigation by businessman, Christian Mouttet will unearth more. Following the three hour long meeting, Dr. Rowley disclosed that it was agreed that the Port Authority’s board will be expanded with the addition of two people from Tobago, who will represent the sister isle. It was also agreed that a committee would be established with the Prime Minister, Tobago House of Assembly (THA) and Central Government, focusing on operationalising the proposals that have been put forward in the meeting.

The Prime Minister assured that the Mouttet report would be made public and welcomed the call for a Joint Select Committee probe and Integrity Commission probe into the matter.

On the matter of the sea bridge and the need for proper operations at the Port, Dr. Rowley said in the short term the port will be working overtime using the widest spectrum to find an appropriate vessel in the shortest possible time.

The medium-term solution, he said, will be going out to tender for a vessel for a two- to three-year contract, which will give time to place an order for a new vessel built to “our specification” for delivery in the long term.

Rowley said the port is also tasked to resolve issues associated with the Cabo Star.