The Prime Minister claims there are some persons who are trying to make the nation ungovernable.

Dr Keith Rowley says certain persons are using the issue of the Property Tax through the justice system to stir up controversy and confusion to gain political mileage.

But he maintains that the government will strongly resist such attempt.

Dr Rowley was speaking at the post cabinet media briefing at the Diplomatic Center, St Ann’s this afternoon.

He made it clear that the state is not opposed to persons who decide to go to the court to challenge any action of the government but warned that the opposition will not dictate how it should run the country’s affairs.

Prime Minister Rowley noted that the government will respect the decisions of the court but will challenge the ruling all the way to the London based Privy Council if there is need to do so.

Dr Rowley said the ruling administration will do what is lawfully required to collect outstanding taxes.