Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley has hinted that this term may be his last as this country’s Prime Minister and a Parliamentarian for that matter. Addressing the country from Balisier House just as the results became clear at around 10:30 on Monday night, the Prime Minister thanked citizens saying the results confirmed his faith in the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

He suggested that his time in politics may soon come to an end as he pledged to work for the development of a cadre of younger persons to take over the affairs of the party and of the country.

The Prime Minister said moving forward will be difficult but added that the government will remain focused on the country’s interests and asked the population to do the same. He added that the 2020/2021 budget will be one of the next main points of focus for the Government to address, further hinting that the next budget could see greater focus placed on social development as he explained that the priority of the Government is to ensure that everyone who calls Trinidad and Tobago home can live with respect and dignity.