Trinidad and Tobago’s Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Rowley, speaking on the very topical matter of yesterday’s Beetham unrest in the Port-of-Spain area, today said a police post cannot be placed on every corner. At a media conference hosted at the Office of the Prime Minister in St. Clair this morning, Dr. Rowley lamented the state of affairs, arguing that there are many people in T&T who are living in fear of criminal elements in their very own communities.

Dr. Rowley said Government will not succumb to the threat of anarchy, adding that the country has enough resources to ensure that what took place on Thursday, does not become a daily feature of life in the twin island Republic.

The Prime Minister made is vehemently clear that the Acting Commissioner of Police, Stephen Williams has been instructed by him to seek out all persons who have illegally evicted law abiding citizens from their homes. He said he was appalled by the resistance meted out to the police officers on Thursday when they attempted to carry out their duty. The officers had gone to the rescue of law abiding citizens who had been evicted from their homes along St. Paul Street, by criminal elements, and were instead attacked.

Dr. Rowley made it clear today that the only authority in Trinidad and Tobago, to enforce law and order are the Officers of the State. He said, today the government draws the line.

Written and Edited By: Aba A. Luke