As calls for a 3rd force to rival the People National Movement and the United National Congress begin to gather steam, News Power reached out to representatives from both parties to hear their thoughts on what this meant for their party and their plans to combat it.

UNC public relations officer, Anita Haynes told News Power that her party is aware of the calls and has begun taking action.

She dismissed claims that newcomers will simply be forced to tow the party line.

Ms Haynes explained that the newcomers’ youthful, modern and differing thoughts and ideas are the reasons they are being encouraged to join the party.


Meanwhile  one PNM  MP, is dismissing the calls for a 3rd force as a UNC hoax.

Cabinet member, Fitzgerald Hinds said that while he has heard this conversation over the years, he believes it is just conjecture.

Mr Hinds said Trinidad and Tobago has chosen the PNM to govern its affairs for almost 80 percent of its life as an independent nation which is a reflection of the trust it places in the party.

He added that the party has always encouraged new personnel and ideas within its ranks.

Minister Hinds explained that this is why the party is unafraid of a 3rd force and has so much confidence in its ability to successfully contest elections.