The People’s National Movement is calling for the removal of Jack Warner from his ministerial duties

Party executives are pointing to possible serious breaches of the laws of Trinidad and Tobago, now that bribery and corruption allegations against Mr Warner have reached such a highpoint

In a statement, the PNM reminds the population that Political Leader Dr. Keith Rowley, in June 2010, cautioned the UNC Coalition government against appointing a full time executive member of FIFA as a member of the Cabinet.

At that time, Dr. Rowley indicated that such an appointment had the potential of conflict of interest and serious embarrassment to the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

In the statement the PNM also reminds the nation that when this matter was raised it was conveniently rejected by the Prime Minister in order to protect her appointment of Mr. Warner.

The PNM is reaffirming its 2010 position, and that is, that it is a violation of the Parliamentary code of ethics for a member of Cabinet of Trinidad and Tobago to hold an executive directorship in a private business organization while serving as a Minister of Government.

PNM executives are calling on the Prime Minister to remove Mr Warner, and to take immediate steps to protect the image of Trinidad and Tobago.