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PNM critical of proposed Local Government Election reform…

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Opposition Leader, Dr. Keith Rowley

The opposition has described the Prime Minister’s announcement of the upcoming Local Government Election and associated reforms as a vulgarity, hastily hobbled together offer.

Peoples National Movement Political Leader, Dr. Keith Rowley, said the reform measures announced, were not unlike what was attempted during the recent THA elections, when the Prime Minister hurriedly brought a bad bill to parliament purporting to give Tobago internal self-government.

Dr. Rowley noted that notwithstanding any other interpretations by the Prime Minister floated a trial balloon aimed at postponing Local Government Elections, but rigorous, sustained public rejection, has resulted in the government withdrawing that option from the table.

The Hon. Prime Minister he said, has now come up with this patently self- serving attempt to improve the UNC’s chances of winning seats in areas where they expect to be wiped out on Election Day.