rowley media confPeople’s National Movement leader Dr. Keith Rowley has added his support and called for citizens to join the labour-led march for the Workers’ Agenda.

Dr. Rowley, speaking at a media conference at Balisier House in Port of Spain Thursday, said this was an opportunity for disenchanted citizens to demonstrate their disgust with the country’s current leadership.

Movement for Social Justice leader David Abdulah, who is also supporting the march, said the Workers’ Agenda was just another promise the Government failed to keep.david_abdullah_

Abdulah said the march was “broad-based” and was to highlight the poor governance in the country.

He acknowledged there was not much time to promote the march, as it was announced on Labour Day (June 19), but said there was a lot of support from the people.

The march is scheduled to start at 1 p.m. at Woodford Square, Port of Spain and ends at Adam Smith Square, Woodbrook.