A Guardian newspaper report today has suggested that Cleopatra Borel has had to give up her nomination for the PNM’s Port-of-Spain South constituency over the issue of her dual citizenship. The report says that the constituency executive has been told to look for fresh nominees.

PNM PRO Laurel Lezama-Lee Sing confirmed to the Guardian that nominations have indeed been reopened for the constituency but didn’t comment beyond that.There were already issues with Borel’s selection after the constituency executive voiced concerns about her unfamiliarity with the constituency.

However, News Power Now understands that the PNM leadership found the concerns to be insignificant and assured the executive that Borel was suitable for the candidacy. Constituency Chairman, Wendell Stephens said the executive has now been called to a meeting with party leadership today. He confirmed that the nomination process will be restarted but was unable to give an update on Ms Borel’s situation. He explained that he has recused himself from all executive meetings having gone up against Borel for the post but nonetheless has expects that a definitive position on her candidacy will be made public today following the meeting.