Residents of Point Fortin have shut down all major points of entry and exit to and from the area.

Residents say they were forced to take such drastic measures as they are fed up of empty promises from the People’s Partnership government.

 According to Spokesperson for this morning’s protesting group, Mr. Ernest Thompson, the community feels neglected and is seriously concerned with recent reports of dengue outbreak in some areas.

Mr. Thompson said they were also upset over the number of projects in the area that have been put on hold and President of the Point Fortin Taxi Association, John David, also spoke with Newspower Authority this morning.

 He is making it clear residents are not taking a political stance. 

 Mr. David said their actions were as a result of dreadful road conditions, coupled with the removal of the CEPEP programme.

Meantime, Member of Parliament for the area, Paula Gopee-Scoon, said she wrote to the relevant ministers on the conditions of the roads in Point Fortin, but to no avail…..

 Speaking on Power this morning, the MP said the Water and Sewage Authority started in the area last year, and subsequently left the roads in the conditions they are in today…