The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service says three men linked to a string of robberies targeting groceries operated by Chinese nationals in the Tunapuna district, have been held during an anti-crime exercise in the Central and Northern Divisions.

The exercise was conducted between the hours of 3:00pm on Monday and 6:00am today.

It involved officers from the Northern Division Special Investigations Unit, Tunapuna Criminal Investigations Department, Northern Division Task Force Areas East, West and Central.

Three male suspects; a 26-year-old of Tunapuna and a 28-year-old and 37-year-old of Caroni, were arrested at their respective homes.

During the exercise, officers conducted searches of the suspects’ homes and discovered a vault and a DVR for a camera system at the premises of one of the men from Caroni.

A Llama revolver and four rounds of .38mm ammunition were also found hidden in a black plastic bag under a sheet of galvanise, in a bushy area behind the house of one of the suspects.