President of the Police Social and Welfare Association, Sergeant Anand Ramesar

The Police Social and Welfare Association is upset with the manner in which six police officers were arrested for the killings of 3 Moruga residents earlier this year

Protests were sparked in Moruga over the killings of 27 year old Alana Duncan, 29 year old Keron Eccles and 20 year old Abigail Johnson were killed in an alleged shootout with police on July 22nd in Barrackpore

However the President of the Police Social and Welfare Association says it is unfair that some of the officers believed to be involved in the killings were arrested at their homes last week

Anand Ramesar says the embarrassment suffered by the officers was uncalled for

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As such Sergeant Ramesar says that the treatment of the officers is unnecessary since, as far as he sees it, the officers would have been cooperative with investigators

He is calling on Commissioner of Police, Dwayne Gibbs, to investigate these arrests thoroughly

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