Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith confirms that he has met with alleged gang leaders in a bid to stem the gang warfare in some parts of the country.

Speaking on CNC3 Television on Thursday, the Commissioner said he is fully aware of the key players said to be involved in gang activity.

He added that while he cannot reveal the names of those he has met with, he intends to let those persons know that he will be looking at them very closely.

Commissioner Griffith is also urging parents to do the responsible thing and discourage their children from gang life before it’s too late.


Human Trafficking Crackdown

He also admitted that there is indeed a thriving human trafficking ring in Trinidad and Tobago.

This as police cracked a major drug and prostitution ring in several parts of Trinidad following a joint exercise on Wednesday.

In an interview with Police TV, Commissioner Griffith said nineteen South American female victims, between the ages of 15-19 years, were rescued, following raids in North Trinidad.

He said 10 men have since been detained.

He also expressed his belief that the country is turning the corner in the fight against human trafficking and other serious crimes.