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Acting Commissioner of Police, Steven Williams

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service will not adopt a knee jerk response to recent violent murders that have occurred in the Southern Divisions.

The gruesome murders of Grace Toussaint, 55, her husband Peter Baptiste, 59, son Jeremy Toussaint, 24, and mother Leena Peters, 75, who were brutally gunned down at their home at Chatham South Trace recently has left many citizens in shock.

According to reports, Investigators believe Jeremy, an electrician at a Point Lisas company, witnessed or may have known who murdered Stephon Sinnette earlier this month.

Sinnette, 33, was shot dead at his home on July 8.

The incident reportedly occurred hours after chopping his neighbour Ricardo Rodriguez across his face and shoulder.
Based on where the bodies were found in the house, police believe Jeremy was in the living room watching television when the killer walked in and shot him several times before heading to the bedroom where the others were killed.

Two other murders in the Southern Divisions have also captured police attention.

However Acting Commissioner of Police Steven Williams in an interview with News Power Now revealed that the TTPS would not adopt a reactive approach to the murders.

Rather he stated that a comprehensive approach that would encompass all of Trinidad and Tobago would be undertaken.


Acting Commissioner of Police Steven Williams.