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Police Commissioner says DPP has to do what is right

Police Commissioner, Dwayne Gibbs, says the Director of Public Prosecutions has to do what is right, and he did exactly that, when he made the decision to drop the charges against 21 men from Nelson Street.

In a rare move last Monday, DPP Roger Gaspard went to court himself and dropped the cases, saying there was not enough evidence to prosecute the men.

 In an interview yesterday, Commissioner Gibbs agreed with Mr. Gaspard’s move.

 The Commissioner said it was up to the police to provide enough evidence to take the case through the court, and the police haven’t gathered enough evidence to meet that threshold….”

Asked about claims that the police had been told to round people up first and find evidence afterwards, Mr. Gibbs said police officers knew what was right and had no obligation to obey if they were given illegal orders….