Police Constable Justin Abraham

Police Constable Justin Abraham

Police Constable Justin Abraham appeared yesterday before Tunapuna Magistrate Gillian David Scotland in the First Court charged with misbehavior in public office.

The son of veteran crime fighter Senior Superintendent Johnny Abraham, constable Abraham was said to have a six year career in the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS). Abraham, who was not called upon to plead as the charges were laid indictably was also charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm and demanding money by menace.

After submissions to the court, bail was granted at $350,000 to cover all charges and the matter is expected to resume on July 6.

Senior Superintendent Abraham, who appeared in court to lend support to his son revealed that he had faith in the justice system to exonerate his relative from all allegations.

While he described the situation as “unfortunate” he said that since the matter was before the courts, he had to allow due process to follow its course and could not comment further.

PC Abraham was charged for the offenses on Sunday morning after he was positively pointed out during an identification parade held on Saturday night, at the Port-of-Spain CID building on St Vincent Street.