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Police Continue Probe into Weekend Murders.

Police Continue Probe into Weekend Murders.

Police are today continuing investigations into three murders that occurred on the weekend. Dead are Dwayne Callender, 20-year-old Jonathan Gobin and another man whose identity is yet to be revealed. The incidents occurred at June Street, Couva, Green Street, Tunapuna and Reid Lane, Arima, respectively.

News Power Now understands that the murders unravelled from as early as 7am on Sunday, when Callendar was shot in Couva. Separately thereafter, Gobin was discovered dead in Tunapuna. He had been wearing shorts and a blue jersey at the time of his death. In Arima, the body of a man who had been clad in a white vest and three quarter denim jeans, was found with a gunshot wound to the head.

Police are continuing investigations into all three murders.