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Police continues probe into murder of a La Horquetta mother and children

Police continue its probe into the triple murder of a mother and her two sons in La Horquetta.
So far no one has been arrested for the crime

The bodies of 31-year-old Vonetta Haynes-Reyes, and her 2 sons… 8 year old Melik, and 4 year old Makasi, were found with their throats slit at their Plumbago Avenue home after 3 pm on Thursday by the woman’s estranged husband Selvon Reyes.

Reyes told police the last time he heard from his family was at about midnight Wednesday but calls to them yesterday went unanswered.

Police say Reyes went to check on them and discovered the house locked.

He looked through a window and that was when he made the horrendous discovery
Vonetta’s Nissan B12 car was believed to have been stolen but nothing was taken from the house.

Police are still working on the theory that the killer was known to the family, as there were no signs of a forced entry

If you have any information on this or any other crime please call crimestoppers at 800-tips or 800-8477