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Police destroy Re-route Camp…Activist Dr. Wayne Kublalsingh arrested…

The Highway Re-route Camp has been destroyed and Activist Dr. Wayne Kublalsingh has been arrested…

According to reports members of the group, who was this morning protesting against the construction of the Highway to Point Fortin, through Debe\Mon Desir, clashed with police officers and soldiers, who were instructed to destroy the camp…

This began around 6 o clock this morning…

New National Security Minister, Jack Warner, also visited the scene this morning….

Residents of the area continue to express concern about the environmental and social problems that could arise from the mega project….

They have also indicated that they will likely take legal action against the state if critical details were not addressed….


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    Colin B Maharaj 6 years

    This is rubish, this amazing guy, Wayne, did a lot indirectly to make the present administration get into power. He also empowered people who had little experience in representing themselves. He represents the people WHO IS PART OF THE ENVIRONMENT. How quickly we forget.