man found with naked girls in his vehicleOne man is presently in police custody after naked girls were discovered in his vehicle by police officers.

Reports indicate that officers attached to the Princes Town CID were on patrol at Ceader Hill Ext Rd Barrackpore, when they observed a heavily tinted black SUV parked along the road.

As they approached the vehicle the driver attempted to drive away.

The officers then blocked him and forced the 39 yr old driver out of the car.

While searching the car they discovered two young girls, believed to be sisters both in the nude.

According to police reports A 14 year old girl was in the front passenger seat which was reclined and her 9 year old sister was positioned in the back seat.

Police reports states that both girls are from the Princes Town area.

When questioned by investigating officers, the girls said they were going to make a purchase close to their home for their mother when he offered them a lift home.

The man is said to the best friend of the girl’s father.

They appeared disoriented and told officers they were forced to drink beers.

The 14 year old and her 9 year old sister were taken to be medically examined.

The 14 year old’s hymen was intact but bore other marks of sexual assault.

The 9 year old had a ruptured hymen, and other sexual bruises.

The sisters were handed over to their mother last night, while he man remained in police custody.

The matter will be handed over today to officers of Child Protection Agency.

When’s officers returned to the scene dozens of other beer bottles were discovered.

On checking his phone nude pictures of the 9 year old was found.

Police reports claim the man in question just returned from Columbia