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Police Exercise in South – 130 arrested

A district-wide police exercise in the Southern Division led to the arrest of 29 drunk drivers and 130 people over the weekend.


safe_imageOfficers from Taskforce, Criminal Investigations Departments (CID) and uniformed police reportedly carried out exercises in Moruga, Tableland, Princes Town, St Madeleine, Cocoyea, San Fernando and environs, La Romain and environs, Gasparillo, Marabella and Claxton Bay beginning on Friday and ending at 4am  Sunday.

130 people were arrested for various offences including narcotics, robberies, woundings and house break-ins.

Officers also issued 129 tickets to motorists for varying offences including vehicle defects.

Seventy-three arrest warrants were served and 29 drunk drivers were arrested. They are expected to appear before magistrates in Princes Town and San Fernando.