Investigators are continuing to conduct enquiries into an incident at the Jordan Hill Presbyterian School yesterday.

A teacher was reportedly robbed on the compound of the Institution at gun point.

According to reports 28 year old school teacher Angel Narine was approached by an armed bandit at approximately 7:20am when she had exited her vehicle and entered the Princess Town school compound.

Reports indicate that the assailant approached her, pressed a gun to her stomach and ordered her to hand over her keys to her Nissan NP 300 Frontier to which she complied.

He also robbed her of her gold bracelet.

Reports also state that students were greatly distressed after the robbery and parents had to come in and take their children, forcing the early closure of the school.

Only one female security guard was on duty and she was unable to stop the intruder, who was also unmasked. The bandit eventually sped off in the stolen pick-up along the Manahambre Road.