Police are investigating the circumstances that led to the killing of a 75-year-old man on Wednesday in Wallerfield.

The deceased has been identified as Vin Sein Chiang of Lover’s Lane, Wallerfield.

He was said to be a doctor.

According to reports Police officers were told that around 5:00 am, residents of the area heard several loud explosions, and upon investigating, they found Chiang’s bullet-riddled body on the ground.

Two men were observed fleeing the scene.

Police suspect that he was the victim of a robbery which turned fatal.


In a separate incident, police are investigating another report of a shooting in the St James area.

Police were told that two men were shot and injured, and remained at hospital up to 9:00 am for treatment.

The men, aged 25 and 27, were shot along Dibe Road, Long Circular.