As governments across the world continue to grapple with the uncertainty and countless deaths as a result of the COVID-19 virus, pockets of citizens continue to disobey restrictions put in place for the safety of all. Overnight, in Jamaica and in Trinidad and Tobago, videos surfaced showing the blatant disregard and disrespect being meted out by some citizens, toward the protective services.

In Jamaica, a group of young men are seen gathered, in what appeared to be a frivolous entertainment setting. One of the men proceeds to record himself and members of the group, informing the Jamaica constabulary force, via video, that they would not be conforming to the implemented curfew restrictions. Earlier this week, Jamaica’s government made it clear that a curfew would be implemented for 7 days from 6am – 8pm daily.

Then, over in Trinidad and Tobago, as the country faces the likelihood of increased COVID-19 cases, two men were made examples of, by the TTPS, for their ignorance and insensitivity to the threat of death, posed by this indiscriminate epidemic.