Quick work by officers of the Arima Criminal Investigations Department and Crime Patrol Unit, resulted in the arrest of five male suspects, who were allegedly about to attempt a burglary at Massy Stores, located at Broadway, Arima.

Corporal Dexter Dardaine and Constable Mark Thomas, of Arima CID, were on mobile patrol along Broadway Street, Arima, around 1am, on Monday when they observed suspicious movements inside Massy Stores.

Assistance was requested, officers of the Arima Crime Patrol Unit responded and together, they surrounded the building.

Shortly after, two suspects were observed exiting the supermarket from the roof of the building.

The two men; a 24-year-old of Sea Lots and a 21-year-old of Morvant, were subsequently arrested.

Three other suspects; a 36-year-old of Point Fortin, a 28-year-old of Champ Fleurs, and a 25-year-old of Morvant, were found in the vicinity of the supermarket, one of them sitting in a Nissan AD wagon.

The manager of the supermarket was contacted and checks of the building revealed the two suspects had gained entry to the business place by removing galvanize sheeting located on the western side of the building and removing a ceiling tile.

Nothing of value was stolen by the suspects.